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46. “Oh Spirit, Bring Me Home” – The Underhill Family Orchestra (2010)


The Underhill Family Orchestra set out to achieve two very simple goals – to make music that they liked and to make it with their best friends. The band calls these goals  “unambitious” but, truthfully, those goals served as a foundation for many great bands and the Underhill Family Orchestra is certainly on their way to greatness.

Founded by seven friends from Mobile in 2009, the band found that the music they made with their friends, for their friends, appealed to a much larger crowd and they hit the road touring. In 2011, the band released their first, self-titled, full length album and set out on an epic road tour that has produced a rabid base of fans across the Southeast.

This song was nominated by fan Kayla T. from Tuscaloosa. Kayla said of her selection:

“I love the sounds of The Underhill Family Orchestra. In particular, their song “Oh Spirit, Bring Me Home.” It’s so gritty and soulful, it makes me feel like I’m a part of a spontaneous song circle and everyone within it adds bangs, strums and vocals to the song’s spirit. The goal isn’t to make it pretty, but to make it loud.”

Click here to visit the Underhill Family Orchestra’s website to hear more and to download their debut album.

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